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Here you can search the Ricordi London hire catalogue.

Details of how to place an order and a key to scoring can be found below the search criteria and results.

Composer Surname:

How to Place an Order

Ricordi London's hire materials are distributed across the world either directly or via one of our hire agents. Please see our Contact Us page for further details of our overseas distributors. If you cannot find your local agent, please contact Ricordi London for more information.
To order online, please visit: www.zinfonia.com

UK and Ireland

For customers in the UK and Ireland, Ricordi London also distributes the hire catalogues of the following publishers:

Casa Ricordi Milan
Ricordi Berlin
Ricordi Paris
Rob. Forberg

All our hire materials are housed in our centralized European library in Milan and are sent directly to our customers from Italy. Following their use, all materials must be returned to Milan. Customers are warned that delivery from Italy will take approximately 4 to 5 working days by our standard courier and we do pass on all postage costs. The return address for our hire materials is as follows:

Casa Ricordi S.r.l
Music Rental Service
Via Liguria 4
Frazione Sesto Ulteriano
20098 San Giuliano Milanese
+39 02 98813 4213 / 4251

Customers are strongly advised to place their orders in good time to prevent delays. It is recommended that you contact us at least one month prior to the date you require the music.

To place an order we require written confirmation giving the following information:

  • Date music required
  • Date, venue and conductor of performance(s)
  • Performing organisation
  • Invoice address
  • Delivery address (if different)
  • Contact telephone numbers at both addresses

Unfortunately if we do not have all of the above information we cannot release hire materials.
You can place an order by writing a letter to:

G. Ricordi & Co. (London) Ltd.
Hire Library
20 Fulham Broadway
London SW6 1AH
Sending a Fax to: +44 (0) 20 7835 5384
or email: hire.ricordi.london@umusic.com

Key to Scoring

Instrumentations are displayed in score order as follows:

Solo instrument, Voices, Chorus

flute.oboe.clarinet.saxophone.bassoon. / horn.trumpet.trombone.tuba. / percussion.keyboard.harp.other plucked strings. / str. (Violin1.violin2.viola.cello.doublebass.) / band.electronics

Numbers replace these instrument names to indicate the number of players and instruments required.

Instruments in a bracket indicate a doubling:

1(picc).1.1.1. means the flute player also plays the piccolo.

Doublings separated by a comma are taken by one player:

1.1.1(Ebcl,bcl).1. means the clarinet player also plays E flat and bass clarinets.

Doublings separated by a colon are taken by different players:

2(picc:afl).2.2.2. means one flute player also plays the piccolo and the other also plays alto flute.

Instruments in brackets preceded by and equals sign indicate an additional instrument. means the 3rd bassoon player only plays contrabassoon.